So last week was kind of crazy at work, and it’s going to stay that way until at least this time next week until we can get our code deployment done and out of the way. I’m still trying to shift the vestiges of the ick that had struck me down previously, but I did start back at the gym on Monday (and writing this on Tuesday evening, my arms and legs are really feeling the 75 kg squats and 10 kg overhead triceps extensions I ended up doing 2 days running!) At the weekend I managed to knock another couple of long standing WIPs off the list, and got halfway through another 2, which I hope to get done this week.

Finishes This Week:

I used a couple of template sets that I picked up from Kallosphere at Festival Of Quilts to create fun outers for a pair of Moto Pouches from Sew Sweetness’ Minikins Season 1. I had pulled the fabric for one of them about 18 months ago, but then when I came up with my steroid mania list of all the things I needed to make, and then the same mania made me clean all the things and I found my fabric pull with pattern, the stars aligned. These are lined with laminated cotton and I’ll be using them to keep reusable cutlery in my car (large pouch) and camera bag (small pouch) so that I can picnic without having to use disposable cutlery.

In Progress This Week:

These fabrics have come out again to make another couple of shower caps (because once I find something that works, I need one in every conceivable place I will use it, and while I had 1 for the bath and 1 for my gym bag, I needed 1 for my big travel wash bag, and 1 for my small travel wash bag)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Being realistic about the amount of time I’m likely to have available, I’ll consider 2 finished shower caps a win!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!