So the work craziness of the past month or so has finally calmed down, and after spending Saturday restocking the shop and adding a few new items (all new stock gets posted to my Facebook Page and Twitter when released, so follow to get alerts!), I got to do some sewing on Saturday night/Sunday. It was another round of cleaning up WIPs, it’s really quite satisfying, and I have plans for more!

Finishes This Week:

I found the applique parts of this pouch in my Raskog cart, falling down the back. I had made a related one with pink applique for an Instagram swap 3 or 4 years ago and then not finished the one for me, but its time had finally come as I needed to test out the new embroidery and darning feet for the shop. I attached the applique to Essex Linen in Steel on the top, and then added some nicely coordinated cork I had on hand to the bottom to create an extra tall Retreat Bag in the smaller size:

In Progress This Week:

More from the WIP collection, I’m going to use these 5 bee blocks to make a cover for an extra large cushion insert I have. I’m still deciding whether or not to stick the centre one in the middle, roughly as it’s placed here, or use it on the back, although it seems a shame to hide it away:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing the cushion cover above
  • Writing up a tutorial for the pillow bag
  • Working on a project for a blog hop taking place next month (more details on that soon)

Hope you have a fabulous week all :o)