It was the week of the reusable bag here as I went into a slightly mad production line making 24 bags to bring my fruit and veg home from the supermarket. Yes, I eat a lot of fruit and veg. No, I don’t eat all that much in one go, but I do have a terrible habit of not remembering to take reusable bags with me, or to not have the right ones in the right places, so I made as many as I could out of the fabric I’d bought and now have enough to stash all over the place!

It should have been a Saturday at Killearn, but after a very long week at the day job I was knackered and just needed to stay home and sleep (I might also have had a nap between sewing up the bag sides and making the casings on Saturday afternoon/evening…), hopefully I’ll be there next month, bright eyed and bushy tailed (not least because I’ll have finished work for Christmas the day before ;o) )

Finishes This Week:

Did I mention those 24 bags? There’s a free tutorial here in case you missed it the other day:

In Progress This Week:

I soldiered on with the Gingiber Christmas quilt on Sunday, although some of my maths wasn’t quite all it should have been! Still, I’m getting an idea of what it’ll be like now. This is just one quadrant of the quilt in progress (excuse fuzziness, it’s awffy dark after work these days!):

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Enjoying a couple of TOIL days I earned in the last couple of weeks, and hopefully getting more Christmas quilt done
  • My gran’s birthday

Have a great week all!