Winter’s not so much coming as here, and I have to admit that after going to a nutrition seminar at the gym and embracing some Christmas sewing on Saturday, I spent a good chunk of Sunday in bed with my book and it was bliss! This weekend I have a ticket to the reopening of a local theatre at lunchtime on Saturday, followed by the gym night out (I learned at the nutrition seminar that a slim G&T is only about 60 calories, so yay, that couldn’t possibly be bad for me in large quantities…) In between I need to stock up on a couple of things to finish my Christmas sewing, and on Sunday I have another couple of wee thing I want to try out to pop in our Christmas gift exchange at Killearn. How’s your sewing coming on for the big day? Have you got any done or are you skipping it this year?

Finishes This Week:

I got some ‘reusable gift bags’ made in a fun shape. This one is about 10″ on its long edges, so it’s quite big!

In Progress This Week:

My IG followers didn’t quite get the concept of secret sewing, as loads of them tried to guess, but this is what I’ve used for my other Christmas makes – I’ll reveal all in a few weeks ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • More Christmas pressies
  • Surviving consuming my bodyweight in G&Ts…

Hope you have a great week all!