So my week rather went downhill last Thursday after I popped up to the Minor Injuries Unit at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. My left shoulder dislocated about 4 weeks ago (a not uncommon occurrence with my hypermobility) but after I popped it back into place it didn’t get better in the usual few days. I spent the next few weeks at the gym saying, “No really, it’ll be fine, just don’t make me do anything with my arm over my head, and actually, I’d love it if I didn’t have to hold anything away from my side either.” 100 bonus points if you can work out where this is going… Eventually I conceded that this was really too much pain to be in for so long and so I went to the hospital on my way home from work where a very nice man poked, prodded, shimmied about a bit and waved things around before declaring that I had a slight tear in my rotator cuff, which of course hadn’t been getting better because I was treating it like a formerly dislocated shoulder. REST, he implored, strapping me into a sling (so no more weights at the gym on that side for a while!). Then ice it and down ibuprofen and paracetamol for a few weeks. Then he sent me on my way (a mere 2 hours 10 minutes all in) and I’ve been moping about my sewing area since, not really able to do anything.

I did have a nice trip on Saturday to Scotland Street School Museum to see a presentation on the refurbishment of the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow, which was really fascinating (and the new building is going to be spectacular and quirky). On the way back I stopped in to pick up a couple of things to finish off an item for a Secret Santa swap in Killearn in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping that by this weekend I can do the small amount of stitching required to finish it off.

Finishes This Week:

My rotator cuff? Oh no, I just finished that off ;o)

In Progress This Week:

This is what I picked up in Remnant Kings, bet you can’t guess what it’s for!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Resting that rotator cuff
  • Trimming that wee pressie for Secret Santa

Have a fabulous week all, and if you’re a Featherweight owner, don’t forget to check out the FW advent calendar for bargains all month!