It was tax week here this week – I hate having to fill out my self assessment form, it takes for.e.ver, (not least doing all the accounts first) and I always forget to print off my P60 at the day job and… ugh. But it’s done – yay! Also HMRC owes me money – I’d better not spend that 1p all at once ;o) I also got a hugemungous delivery of new stock for the shop, so this weekend will be all about taking photos and writing up listings, so keep an eye out for posts on my Facebook Page and Instagram about all the new things.

On the making front I got a scarf for my gran finished – it was meant to be a Christmas present, but the company I ordered the yarn from accidentally sent me the wrong colour way to start with and she would not have liked it, so by the time the replacement came it was the New Year and I had to finish my Holiday Hangover Swap first. Having just posted that off, I ended up signing up for the Quilters For Koalas swap because it was for a good cause (I believe we raised over $2100 AU for WIRES) and I’ve been having fun pulling fabrics and cutting up FPP pattern pieces (okay, maybe that last bit wasn’t so fun, but it’s done)

Finishes This Week:

So remember that yarn that was the wrong colour? Well the company let me keep it, so I made a cushion cover out of it – it’s so lovely and soft and squishy! The yarn is Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ which is a chenille loop yarn that doesn’t require needles (handily, as I can’t knit with needles!) and it’s just a single strip of knitting folded artfully to create an envelope back, with the yarn ends weaving the sides together. I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago, but forgot about it until I came to make the scarf:

And here’s the scarf, recognise the stitch? ;o) It’s ridiculously long, so I folded it all up here, but gran will be able to do her best Dr Who impression I think!

In Progress This Week:

For the Quilters For Koalas Swap, I’m in Team Platypus, so when it came to choosing a pattern, I went with this cute baby platypus FPP pattern by Pitcher’s Boutique which comes in 2 sizes and is an absolute bargain price for a 50+ page pattern book! I’m going with Kona solids in brights, the teals for the head/body/tail, the peaches/oranges for the claws and the pink for the background – I was tossing up between the Azalea and the Bright Pink, which both came out pretty funkily here, but went with the Azalea in the end. I’ve cut all the paper pattern pieces out and am about 1/3 of the way through the fabric cutting:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Stock taking and shop listings
  • A little more platypus
  • Cutting fabric to take to Switzerland next week

Hope you all have a fabulous week!