You may have noticed I’ve been doing a little tidying up around here, fixing a few things, adding a few things, changing a few things out, and as I was updating my front page sliders (that’s the wee row of photies at the top of the home page for the uninitiated!) I realised that I never actually shared the photos of the finish of my Moda Building Blocks quilt, which the lovely Cath quilted for me last year and I picked up on my way back from FOQ (so yes, I’ve had it since August – oops!) Initially after I bound it the weather was awful, but then I found a moment just before I went on holiday in late September to take photos and promptly forgot to share them, so I’m making up for it now!

I made the top of this a few years ago, using prints which were only in my stash, I wasn’t allowed to buy anything for it except for a little of the white grunge that I used in a few of the blocks, and found it disturbingly easy to do so, using a random mixture of prints from a whole load of fabric companies and designers. I clearly need to make more quilts like this from stash to keep using it up!

The pattern was a funny wee bookmark sized pack that Moda sold, I think when they launched their Bella Solids line as they did a kit with it, and I picked the pattern up in a sale a couple of years later. It was a good exercise in precision piecing as there are hundreds of tiny wee bits, especially in the multitude of 6″ blocks, although bizarrely the bigger the block, the less pieces there tended to be!

It’s quilted in a pantograph called Raindrops On The Pond, which gives it a lovely texture.