You’ll be thrilled to know that I finally finished that platypus, so you never need to see him again ;o) I also worked on some website stuff, sent out my first newsletter (have you signed up? Do so in that wee box on the right) and got a smidge further with that other project. I admit, I’ve been kind of dragging my feet on it, but I’m not sure why. In the meantime, while procraftinating, I packed up a bunch of orders and found somewhere to go on holiday this summer, so at least that’s sorted!

Next Saturday is a Killearn day, so I need to work out what I’m going to do at that. I’m not sure I can face baubles again for a while! I do have a pile of quilting/sewing/creating books that I want to read which I think may kick start my mojo again. I feel an urge to play with something new (I do have to finish that project first though, there’s a dealine!)

Finishes This Week:

Behold the Platypus! I went with the darker binding, and I think it finishes him off nicely. I’ve been given permission to send him off by my swap host, so he’s getting packed up and sent off today:

In Progress This Week:

This pile is a bit further on, but still only about 1/3 done *sigh*

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finishing that project. Maybe
  • Having fun at Killearn

Hope you have a great week all!