What interesting times we live in! I am now working from home for the foreseeable future, which initially made me think ‘Yay, more time to play’ and then I remembered that I actually seem to do more hours when I work from home than when I’m in the office. Since my gym is now closed, as of this morning, I think I’ll be doing lunchtime walks round the park down the road to preserve my sanity as much as anything else! I finished my ‘have to’ sewing on Sunday morning, but then spent the afternoon making sushi and working out how best for me to work from home given my small flat, limited space and quite a lot of clutter… Amazon delivered to me a bunch of things yesterday to help make things more comfortable, and I think I’ll spend this weekend doing a fair amount of storage and furniture rearrangement. I’m hoping the tip will still be open as now I have a bunch of packaging to dispose of!

Finishes This Week:

This is a sneak peek of the finishes as I haven’t handed things over yet, I’ll show more next week:

In Progress This Week:

This is the pile of books I’m hoping to get to soon (furniture removal not withstanding) I fell in love with Sandra Meech’s work at FOQ last year and bought these books shortly after but then kept getting sidetracked!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Oh, who knows! Have a good and safe week all!