So, it turns out I stress clean, which means I haven’t sewn anything this week in between doing my day job (turns out I’m a category 3 key worker, and I don’t even get a badge for it!) and gutting my flat. On the plus side I’ve unearthed all sorts of WIPs and things I’d been thinking of doing but never got round to before, so once I’ve done the 2nd hall cupboard, my hall bench and the daybed/camera stuff in my spare room, I’ll be set with a mound of projects. I also ordered a small mountain of strings to get my harp up and going again – when I was looking on the sites I was comparing to see what I should be grabbing (since it’s been over 20 years since I last did this), I saw that I could pick up a natty little bag just to hold my strings, but where would be the fun in that, so that’ll be another project to work out! In my other hall cupboard I discovered I could bake for Britain, so I might do a wee tour of my flats and drop off some goodies as part of my constitutional at some point. My gym is giving us workouts at home via Facebook Live too, so I’ve been doing them in the morning in the time I would normally be actually at the gym, although my floor space is a wee bit small for a couple of their exercises as it turns out, however I think I’ll need to up the frequency if I start baking ;o)

How are you all faring? Hope you’re all well at least.

Finishes This (Last) Week

Cheating a little bit, but here’s what I was sneak peeking the past few weeks now that I’ve handed over one of them last Sunday for Mother’s Day. The pattern is the Roo Pouch by Elaine’s Sweet Life (although I adapted with a double zipper since I was using zipper on the roll and I could) It opens up into a tray, and has a small zip pocket on one side to keep smaller things safe from the general melee.

In Progress This Week:

I’m not sure cleaning really counts lol

To Be Worked On This Week:

Getting through in one piece!

Have a great week all :o)