I actually made a thing this week! I’ve still not really recovered the sewjo I’d misplaced before the pandemic changed the world but at least I can tick this off the list (albeit it only made it on the list when I started panic cleaning a few weeks ago, but I digress!) I have a small set of blocks for a friend to finish this week, but otherwise am not sure I can bring myself to sew much else, which is unfortunate given the upcoming 4 day weekend. I may end up doing more ‘behind the scenes’ things, like planning some tutorials and writing up some patterns, but we’ll see. How about you? How are you all faring in the slightly crazy world we’re in right now?

Finishes This Week:

This is a pouch booklet thing to hold my stash of XPand laces. I admit I have a bit of a thing for these laces, which are actually elastic and require no tying, just some anchors and stoppers put on the end, so I tend to buy them in bulk every now and again, both the laces and spare anchors/stoppers. The main ‘pages’ are for the actual pouches of laces, and the front/back zipped sections are for the anchors and stoppers.

In Progress This Week:

These circles have been cut to make ‘blob blocks’ for an IG friend, with LV backgrounds:

To Be Worked On This Week:

I honestly don’t know.

Have a great week all!