This weekend I was colouring in a lot, and then pulling and rearranging fabrics and then cutting fabric up. I was also receiving a big pile of felt for an upcoming project (which I had to rearrange into rainbow order, honestly, what kind of heathen sends things in any old colour order?!) and packing up a lot of orders, apparently quarantine makes people maintain their machines :oD Aside from that, my domestic goddess side came out and I made fabulous white chocolate, ginger and rhubarb cookies, rhubarb and strawberry bars, a small vat of chicken masala, oh, and some soup, just so I could kid on something was healthy! How about you, was the Easter bunny good to you, or were you, like my squad at work, out yesterday buying up cut price Easter eggs to aid their lockdown?

Finishes This Week:

Not a one.

In Progress This Week:

I fell into the Plaidish quilt-along being run by Cariad MQG, and this week was fabric pulls and cutting, I enlarged the original colouring sheet to reflect the finished size I wanted and had a couple of goes at colouring in, of which this is the second after my first round of fabric pulls. After 2 days of walking by and rearranging and switching things out the actual colour layout is slightly different, with the yellows up with just 1 set of oranges, the greens being on the same diagonal and an additional light aqua added. I haven’t got a photo of the fabrics as it’s about 1/3 cut right now and the ‘waiting to be cut’ set is on the sofa with an un-photogenic background. Given the fact that there’s a particular order to the LO, I’ve ended up labelling all my blocks – there are strict rules to what goes where, but I’ll let you see if you can spot them once it’s finished!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Cutting more fabric
  • Doing a release at work which I hope doesn’t overflow into my weekend

Have a fabulous week all!