It’s been another sunny week in the ‘hood, in fact we’d been without rain for so long it took me a minute to work out what the thunking noise was against the window on Monday night! The sun has come out again since, so all is forgiven. I’ve also been inadvertently embracing the whole ‘learning in lockdown’ thing, but I now know how to unblock a toilet and how to snake both a bathroom and a kitchen sink drain, which hadn’t entirely been on my agenda but I’m sure will be handy later in life, even if I’ve never needed to know them in the first 42 years (actually, I could probably have done with knowing about the sink thing earlier, they’re running better than they have in years lol) In nicer news, I’ve been busy working on my Plaidish quilt and trying to make healthy things for all my meals (I think I have enough granola supplies for the next 3 years, and probably enough Chia seeds and spice mixes for life) Have you been learning things in lockdown?

Finishes This Week:

Err, no.

In Progress This Week:

I’ve struggled to work out how to photograph this quilt in progress. Due to the way I’m having to assemble it (in order to preserve both my sanity and colour order) I’m building it up in blocks consisting of 1 dark, 2 mid and 1 light units, which I’m then assembling into panels of 4 blocks. I will end up with 6 full panels and 3 panels which are 3/4 size (as the right hand edge will be missing its mid/light strip) and then I’ll have a giant 9 patch to assemble. Here are the panels from the top row, and the first panel of the 2nd row (apparently my wall sticking isn’t very good, and some of the pinks have gone a bit odd!):

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Keep on plaiding
  • Not buying breakfast food supplies

Have a great week all!