So I finally think all this locked-upness is getting to me, and I’m rather losing track of the days, even if I am still working my day job from home! I am looking forward to a 5 day weekend coming up though, 1 bank holiday + 2 TOIL days, in which I’m hoping to finish my Plaidish quilt top and maybe start another project or two (I now have a bit of a queue now that my sewjo has returned!) I also signed up for the Tattoo Quilt Along, so I’m going to try and get all my FPP foundations cut and my colours chosen for each block – I’ll be using my solids stash for all the coloured bits, but I had to order in backing, because even I didn’t have 6 spare metres of the same fabric lying around! The first block isn’t due until next month though, so I’ll be sewing other things in the meantime, and trying to work out how to clear my basting area in the loft (it’s currently full of boxes and recycling that needs to go to the tip when it reopens!)

How about you, what are you working on right now?

Finishes This Week:

That’ll be a nope

In Progress This Week:

I needed a bit of photoshop wizardry to get this ‘photo’ of my Plaidish so far – I will be glad when I can get back to my pet carpark for a proper photo! I’ve started on the bottom row now, so with a fair wind, I should be done by Saturday (I hope!)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finish Plaidish
  • Plan out a bit of Pockets Full Of Posies and do some chopping up of denim
  • Plan out the Tattoo Quilt colours/fabrics
  • Maybe start a giant churn dash

Have a great week all!