Well, I thought I was going to pull off a miracle in the form of a finished quilt top from last weekend – I have never in my life made a quilt top in a weekend, I should clarify, so why, given that I knew I had to spend a good chunk of Sunday in the kitchen batch making a few things, I thought I would have one now I don’t know. I might have got closer than a pile of bits if I hadn’t also sewn half of one of the sections with the wrong seam allowance and then had to frog the lot (BTW white thread on navy fabric = lots of visible mess when ripping) Anyway, I cut and pieced all the sections for a quilt this weekend and have a freezer full of bolognese, plus a range of overnight oats for breakfast and a large rainbow salad for lunch in the fridge. Maybe this weekend coming I’ll have a finished top ;o)

How are you all faring anyway? Have you achieved anything amazing that you didn’t think you would? Or have you also discovered the really annoying lack of elasticity of time?

Finishes This Week:

You’re having a laugh.

In Progress This Week:

This is what I hope will be a top by the end of the coming weekend:

I’ve also pulled fabrics for yet another quilt that wasn’t on the cards last weekend because, well, I have a large stash of fabric with no plan for a lot of it, so when I see an easy looking pattern that suits a long hoarded bundle or two, then out it comes!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • The top that wasn’t a top last weekend
  • The pile that wasn’t a plan last weekend

Have a great week all!