It felt just like a normal bank holiday weekend here on Friday and Saturday with howling winds and pouring rain, so I felt not in the least bit guilty about staying inside and sewing (as opposed to cursing the nice weather and staying inside and sewing which I’ve been forced to do for the past couple of months lol) So I would maybe have finished 2 quilt tops this weekend, but I got distracted by pillow cases and sushi, so I have 1 top, 3 pillowcases, a good batch of sushi and bits of another quilt top. I’m calling that a win. I’m working this coming weekend, so probably won’t get much done then, but who knows?!

Finishes This Week:

Way back in 2014 Anna Maria Horner brought out her Pretty Potent line, which had a rather fabulous echinacea print in a couple of colourways in both cotton and voile. I loved the print, but couldn’t think of chopping it up small and using it in a quilt, and I saw someone making pillowcases with a whole other line for Christmas and I thought yes, that was it, I was going to make ones with a mixture of the cotton and voile echinacea prints. I even wrote a tutorial on it here. Then a couple of years later there was the Floral Retrospective line which had different colourways of the print in cotton, so I made a couple more, but this time with a contrast cotton panel from another print in the line. Recently the Hindsight collection came out, with 4 more colourways, and I picked up my favourite 3 and handily they went with the leftover voile from round 1 (if you keep a thing long enough…) The fabric arrived on Friday, so of course I had to make them then and there!

In Progress This Week:

I said I had a finished quilt top, but that wasn’t 100% true as I ran out of navy and had to order more in after changing my layout plans a bit (btw, there seems to be a Kona navy shortage in the UK, I apologise for having depleted it further) Compared to the photo below, there’s now sashing between all the blocks, but the remaining fabric is for a 6″ border all round and then piecing in 2 blocks on the back – I was going to have 3 blocks on the back, but 1 just didn’t fit in on either the front or the back, so I will be passing it on to a more deserving cause. The blocks finish at 27″ square, so as you can see, it’s one of my usual small efforts…

I laid out the fabric for a Big Kiss Quilt (free pattern by selfsewn here), except being me, I’ll be making a Giant Kiss, or a Big Kiss 4X Quilt. I wanted to make it bigger than the original 50″ (I always firmly believe in more is more when it comes to quilt size) so I’ll be doing a 4 patch version. This is a mocked up version in Photoshop, and I’ll be using 2 long hoarded Art Gallery Fabrics lines by Sara Lawson and Katy Jones from 2014. I’m loving this lockdown quilt making roll I’ve been on, I’m finally getting through my stash (well, a bit!)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Releasing some code for the day job
  • Maybe start Kiss-ing

Have a great week all!