As my last post mentioned, I’ve been somewhat distracted by world events of late, and between work and spending time trying to process what I need to do, I’ve not had much time for sewing as it seemed like a somewhat fatuous endeavour. I have, however, found some fabulous creators who are new to me, and I may be spending some of my day off on Friday trying to ensure I get in on Etta Vee‘s next live painting class! She has the most fantastic use of colour, and the second I saw her work I desperately wanted it on fabric and, well, all the things really. I’m very jealous of those in the US who can pick up her branded goods in a number of shops. I did spend some of my contemplation time colouring in my sheet for the Tattoo Quilt Along, and several of the blocks stood out. Berene actually started creating the blocks that went on to become the quilt following the US elections in 2016, and many feel particularly relevant now.

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

I finally finished cutting the strips for my 4X Kiss Quilt yesterday, so I might actually start sewing them together soon…

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Sewing a few strips together
  • Hopefully some fun and colourful painting

Have a great week all.