So after a few slightly crazy weeks at the day job, I got 3 days back, and enjoyed a long weekend, not exactly away from the office (since my office right now is in exactly the same place I’m typing this from – monitor switches and duplicate keyboard/mouse FTW), but at least not glued to my headset! I spent Friday doing various errands and adulting things that I hadn’t had a chance to do of late, then I sewed up a few things over the next few days, including one secret project and pulled the last of my fabric selections for my upcoming Tattoo Quilt Along blocks. This coming weekend I might get in on a painting class, and I might get a book in I’ve been waiting for, but if not, there’s plenty of things in the backlog to be getting on with!

Finishes This Week:

1 secret project complete and on its way to its new owner, I shall share once received.

In Progress This Week:

I’ve now got half of my 4X Kiss Quilt done, and I promise both are straight, even if the one photographed here looks wonky (I didn’t tape it on the wall straight it would seem!) I’ll maybe get the other half done this week:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Other half of 4X quilt
  • Finish another version of the secret sewing once I get more top stitching thread in
  • Maybe start of my first block for the Tattoo Quilt and get ahead of the game (It now officially starts in July)

Have a great week all!