I had a busy little weekend there with my new stock delivery for the shop, unpacking, updating the website, adding new stock and trying to put everything away. I say trying, because, as it turns out, I need more storage, I’ve outgrown my current setup and will need a trip to B&Q, stat! I did get onto my painting class on Saturday evening after all, although my supplies didn’t arrive, so I have nothing to show for it but a pad full of notes lol I hope they’ll arrive in the next few days so I might get to play this weekend (after I rearrange all the shop stock) I did get some sewing done too, finishing the other 2 sections of my 4 XL, now I just need to find backing fabric and cross my fingers that I have enough batting!

Finishes This Week:

Small cheat with this one as it was last week’s finish, but I needed the recipient to open it before I revealed it here! I had a bit of a boo boo, which I discovered as I set the closure snap (ie the very last thing to do!) but the recipient didn’t notice and then said she didn’t mind when pointed out (thankfully as I ran out of thread to fix the problem)

In Progress This Week:

My rather wonky hanging in crappy, rain soaked light continues, but this is one of the 2nd pair of quadrants for my 4 XL Kiss quilt. All in, the top is a mere 102″ square

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Sorting my store storage
  • Maybe a little painting
  • Possibly some sewing

Hope you all have a fabulous week!