So summer was in May then? The rain here has been awful! There was one tremendous thunder storm woke me up one morning last week with the thunder rolling down the Clyde valley for about 10-15 minutes. Speaking of being woken up, Network rail put a letter through my door yesterday afternoon to inform me that they would start some remedial work on the station at the end of my road from last night until the 20th July, 10 pm to 6 am. They are promising heavy diesel generators, jack hammers and more, so I guess I’ll just not be getting any sleep in general for a few weeks! Maybe they won’t notice if I doze off in a few calls at the day job though…

You may recall that last week I had some ambitious art plans, however a combination of delivery delays and the discovery, when shifting all my shop stock over to new, bigger storage, that I still didn’t really have somewhere to put all the manuals, plus a couple of other, bigger items, meant that I had to actually do some sewing instead so that I could whip up a storage solution. All good now though, so if I can only stay awake, I’ll be able to do some this weekend instead!

Finishes This Week:

This is my shiny, new, hanging storage solution – I don’t have a photo of it in situ because it’s a bit gloomy in its new location, but I can assure you that when I tied it in place last night, it was holding up well for its new purpose, with all its pockets filled. I got the canvas/linen it’s made from a while ago, I think from a market stall, and stashed it away waiting for its true purpose to call me. This won out as I needed a lot of fabric to make this, and I happened to have about 3 metres of it. I suppose it’s quite appropriate for a shop selling parts for old sewing machines and haberdashery though!

In Progress This Week:

Last year I came back from Festival of Quilts with some ideas germinating, but I wasn’t able to realise them at the time. I bought a few books which I thought might help, but haven’t given myself the time to sit down and read through them:

Then during the initial wave of the Black Lives Matter resurgence last month, when many of my favourite creative influencers were highlighting black artists, photographers and sewers/quilters I was introduced to some fabulous new people. One of them, Jessi of EttaVee (@ettavee on IG) does amazing paintings, and I ended up taking a painting class with her a couple of Saturdays ago (with no painting supplies because I found out last minute and although I had acrylic paint already, I had no canvasses or brushes!) So then I had to order all the things I was missing (so much for thinking it would be a hobby that would be so quick and easy to get into because I had lots of stuff already lol) I might have gone a wee bit over board, but I’m sure it’ll all get used.

Having been bitten by the art bug (or I should say, reconnected with it, I actually did art at A-Level) I then fell into signing up for the quarterly Artful box (what can I say, the bear drew me in)

The plan is for all of this to tie back into my quilting, and Valerie Goodwin (@valeriegoodwinart on IG) is an awesome art quilter, whose book rather spookily tied in with some of my germinating ideas. So we’ll see where this all goes…

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Painting the project from the class I took
  • Revelling in those books and germinating ideas
  • Possibly finding new times to sleep when it doesn’t sound like the world is going to end at the end of the street

Hope you have a fabulous and creative week all!