Oh mean, what a week! Last Wednesday night my website host did an upgrade overnight and broke the site (apologies to those of you who had problems trying to access the site or were trying to get at last week’s WIP Wednesday which got lost in the recovery) I finally got it all back together on Monday, but there will be some disruption this coming weekend for some followup work. So, for those that wanted the photos of last week’s work, I’ve popped them in here again, and for those looking for new stuff, I’m afraid I was only able to finish the other batch of masks I’d been making in between finally getting to the hairdressers and wrestling with database backups and recalcitrant plugins.

Finishes This Week:

Here’s both batches of masks for the past couple of weeks. I have made about 30 now, and I’m done.

And this is the light catcher I made in the Beyond Festival Of Quilts masterclass. It was an interesting set of techniques to learn, but I’m not 100% thrilled with the result:

In Progress This Week:

This was the practice work I did in my other BFOQ masterclass with Wendy Dolan I didn’t have the right sized hoop (too big) or the right thread, but both of these have now arrived, so I’ll hopefully get a chance to play again sometime soon.

I got the template for trimming this wee guy all printed out, stuck together and cut out (only 22 pages!)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • More website work
  • Basting and hopefully quilting Cuddles The Hexie Bear
  • Whatever else I manage to jam in there!

Have a fabulous week all!