So for those of you huddling on this little set of islands, how are you getting on with Francis? Personally, I wish he would move along, not least because he put paid to the last 2 outdoor gym sessions I was due to have this week, but the good news is that next week we’re allowed back in the actual building! I’m looking forward to being able to get back into my regular routine again – I may not love getting up just after 6 am on weekdays, but I do love the consistency of timing and having a schedule that doesn’t just revolve around ‘switch work laptop on’, ‘switch work laptop off’. My sleep has been particularly erratic this last week, but I did manage to finish Cuddles The Hexie Bear, and to get started on my Tattoo Quilt Along block for this month, and with a whole 3-day weekend coming up, who knows what I could achieve!

Finishes This Week:

Meet Cuddles! He’s a fun wee baby play mat/rug/wall hanging/whatever who’s all set to head off to a new wee one. I’ll post all about him later, but in the meantime, yay finish!

In Progress This Week:

I promise you I did cut up pieces for my Hope block for the Tattoo Quilt Along, but funny-shaped wee bits of fabric aren’t entirely exciting, plus Francis wasn’t playing ball with the lighting.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finish my Hope block
  • Find something else that’s fun to sew

Hope you have a fabulous week all, that it’s dry if you are currently paddling, and that you get rain if you need it.