I had a lovely Saturday with the Killearn ladies for our first (socially distant) get together since March (aside from misbehaving masking tape and rather sore knees), and I’d like to say I’m having a lovely time at the gym now that we’re back full time, but, well, it’s the gym and I’m not entirely sure you’re meant to have a lovely time there (I haven’t died yet though, so, bonus!) I’m currently counting down the days until I go on holiday (next Thursday), so if you need anything from the shop, here’s your advanced notice that I will not be sending any orders out from 16/09 – 07/10.

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

Here lies one PITA of a quilt. It wasn’t the quilt’s fault, it’s just that the masking tape I was using to anchor the backing to the floor singularly failed to do its job, and then bits moved and it all went a bit Pete Tong, so I had to start again from the beginning with some washi tape I happened to have, which did a better job. Next time I’m looking for something more industrial strength! It is actually both square and straight, but I had to take the photo at a weird angle…

This wee guy’s new home is coming along well, at least, all the bits are cut out and fused, hopefully it will be all done next week, because he also wants to go on holiday:

I’ve also got another project in progress, which won’t need all these bits, but will need some of them (BTW, I did not roll up the strapping like that, I guess the packer wanted a more exciting day!)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Frankie’s new home
  • Packing to go on holiday

Have a fabulous week all!