Phew, the last 3 weeks have been really rather busy! I had a lovely break in Cornwall, staying in a holiday cottage on a farm near Port Isaac in the north of the county (I quickly got used to the fact that 50 miles could easily take 2 hours to travel in Cornwall!) The weather was mostly good, and I got to explore a good variety of places, and for a couple of days got to hang out with my lovely friend Lou, proprietor of Flip Flop Fabric Shop (naturally I did some shopping!) I did come home to rather a lot of adulting though, with a boiler that refused to heat my flat (new one being installed tomorrow, necessitating half my kitchen being moved out), a large pile of washing, a new mattress topper to try and wrestle onto my bed to combat some joint issues, new desk parts to buy and bring home from Ikea (note that I said parts because of course the legs and tops are not in stock at the same time! I have tops, but no legs at the moment, but I also have a nice couple of rugs for under that desk and my sewing table) and a fridge and freezer to restock with a big batch of pesto, some autumn soup and some tomato sauce. I’m hoping for a quiet weekend this weekend, perhaps with a chance to sew!

Fabric Acquired This Week

Well when your friend owns a fabric shop, it would be rude not to relieve her of some fabric, right? I picked up some luscious linens, 3 Essex linens in vibrant colours, and a couple of Sevenberry navy linens with Japanese patterns:

Then there was the quilting cotton. That might have got a tad more out of hand, especially when I got to raid the scrap packs as well as the boltage… That smaller pile at the back on top of the larger pieces are destined for masks, and the stripes underneath for binding. As for the rest? Erm, well, yes, there’s not exactly a plan for them, but aren’t they pretty?

Finishes This Week:

I worked on September’s Tattoo Quilt Along Love block with my wee featherweight while I was on holiday. It’s not perfect – I didn’t have great light, and I was probably a tad tired from hiking all over creation during the days, but I can live with it!

In Progress This Week:

Yeah, no.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Putting my flat back together post boiler
  • Perhaps making a mask or two from the scraps I scavenged from Lou – it’s clearly a sign of the times when you look through a pile of fabric going, ‘That would make a good autumn mask and that would make a good winter mask and…’
  • Working on a secret project that I hope to reveal more of next month.

Hope you all have a great week!