It’s safe to say that I’m 100% over this year. I can take lockdowns and social distancing and masks, but when my world starts breaking around me that’s definitely pushing the edges of my limit. So far in the last month I’ve had to fork out for a new boiler, then sit in the freezing cold all weekend just gone when it started raining from said boiler on Saturday morning and it had to be left off until the could come and fit a new, longer flue on Monday and dry out all its innards with my hairdryer (which also necessitated all my dishes being elsewhere in the kitchen because they normally live on the shelves next to the boiler that had to come down until it was fixed). Then I had to pay someone to clear out all my gutters in case that was causing the rain in the boiler (as opposed to the gale force winds which were actually blowing the rain inside) and I also had to cough up a small fortune to the garage after the police pulled me over for a brake light being out and then found a couple of other bulbs out, which had shorted a fuse and broken some wiring. Of course these are the things that happen just after you’ve bought other things, like a new desk setup so that you aren’t twisted up like a pretzel trying to work. The old desk also refused to be dismantled easily, so we went to war on Friday night, and then my RSI objected to all the screws on the new desk setup on Saturday. I promise I will not whine again this year as I find my inner zen…

Finishes This Week:

Here’s my shiny new desk setup, the only make I finished this week:

In Progress This Week:

Eh, my self pity?

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • This weekend I shall mostly be day-jobbing
  • I may or may not get to make some more ombre blocks, I’m not holding my breath though!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!