Well, I completed one of my secret projects on Saturday – teaching my first online Featherweight maintenance class (with thanks to Kelly and Heather for asking me) I also got a little sewing done on Sunday (along with somewhat more mundane activities such as cooking up a big batch of stew for the freezer, and getting some washing done) This week I’m missing the gym, but otherwise embracing the tier 4 lockdown (not least to hide from the pouring rain and howling wind outside!) I have a long weekend coming up as I continue to use up the TOIL from my crazy day job, and I’m hoping to be able to indulge myself with a few creative endeavours. That may or may not include setting up this year’s advent calendar for the shop, so keep your eyes peeled!

Finishes This Week:

I didn’t even think to take a screenshot of our zoom call for the class, but trust me we had a good 6 hour session!

In Progress This Week:

Inspired by a friend I did a little playing with some Oakshott scraps, then added a few more bits and pieces. Who knows where it’s going though!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Maybe some more curved log cabins
  • Maybe something else entirely

Who knows?! Hope you all have a fabulous week!