This week has been all about working on my 365 project and plotting what to make for my swap partners, all while hiding from the cold (it was -7 C on Saturday morning when I finally had to go to Sainsbury’s after 3 weeks – brrr!) and making vegetable pho, which was an interesting lesson in quite how long it takes to make flavourful stock while practically chewing the table leg waiting for it to be ready (this is what happens when you don’t read the recipe ahead of time and start making it at 4 pm, hence starting to eat it at 8:30 pm!) I have decided to try making a new-to-me recipe once a week and am working my way around Asia – it’s Laksa this week, with a bonus Thai curry sweet potato soup.

Finishes This Week:

Not a one

In Progress This Week:

Here’s this week’s makes for the 365 project, along with a pile of felt and trims to be sorted – I did weep a little at the 32 non-recyclable plastic bags those trims came in!

I’ve also started pulling fabrics and plotting for my swaps, but I’ll share those when I’m a little further down the line!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Old School BOM block 1
  • More 365 flowers and things (I may even mop the kitchen floor to lay out the first quarter of background!)
  • More swap plotting

Have a great week all!