Man, this has been an exhausting week at the day job, and we’re only 2 days into it! When I haven’t been feeling like a juggling octopus though, I’ve made a few more flowers, pondered once more how to use that recalcitrant die from last week, flipped through a new book and started work on my swap items, which has turned into something of a production line farce (because when you’re making 1 of something a bit complex, why not make 5. Of 2 different somethings…) Last week’s new recipe for Laksa thankfully wasn’t as complex as the Pho from the week before, this week I’m going for Banh Xeo, a Savoury Vietnamese Crepe.

Finishes This Week:

Yeah, nope!

In Progress This Week:

Here’s this week’s floral offerings (a couple somehow didn’t make it to the big camera, but they’re on IG). With some help from my IG friends, I’ve got a potential solution for making my flat felt die cuts curl up like the paper ones in the image on the packaging (a mere 5l of PVA glue arrived to help with that!)

This is the new book, which I hope to try some of the patterns from shortly. It’s actually been in print since 2014, and I found it when looking for another one I’d seen advertised which is due out in June this year (of course I preordered it too!). The flowers in it are made in other fabrics than felt, so it’ll be nice to get a bit of theme and variation!

And this is just a little of the fusing I have to do for my production line, then, once it’s all fused, I have to quilt a load of it. I suspect the monotony of that will be as much as I want to tackle by this weekend (although I also need to do my tax return, bleurgh)

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • The dreaded tax return (otherwise known as the depressing reality of adding up how much you’ve spent on stock versus how much of it people bought)
  • Fusing and quilting all the things
  • Maybe try a new flower or two

Have a fabulous week all!