Lockdown week eleventy billion, and this week I have mostly been quilting all the things (although I’m not quite done yet as I was waiting on a couple of fabrics arriving which should be here in the next couple of days) I also had the excitement of completing my tax return, although I’m still contemplating how to spend my windfall £1.61 refund (I can’t complain though, last year it was only 62p). This week I suppose I will be assembling all the quilted things (actually, I think that will take more than a week) and I hope to finally get to my Banh Xeo, which didn’t get made last week as the rice flour didn’t appear on time. The good news is it appeared yesterday and I think it’ll keep me in Vietnamese crepe for quite a while!

What excitement awaits you this week?

Finishes This Week:

Erm, my tax return?

In Progress This Week:

All the quilty things – this is the fused pile pre-quilting:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Chopping up the quilted things and reassembling them as other things (I’m trying to keep my swap partners guessing a little lol)
  • Fusing the rest of the fabric to make lots of the other thing I’m making as a swap item (they’re each getting 1 of the 2 options while the rest have other destinations)

Have a great week all!