So this week I worked as much with plastic as I did with fabric, but I do have a few fun makes at the end of it, and I also had a fabulous Penang Curry and some amazing Tom Kha Gai, with numerous extra portions for the freezer so I can experience them all again. This all helped to offset a crappy day job week, but we can’t have everything rosy in life! This week I have Shoyu Ramen with Ramen eggs on the menu – the eggs both intrigue me and scare me a bit!

How about you? Are you getting ups with your downs too? Are you trying anything new to ease the monotony?

Finishes This Week:

I can’t show you any more than this for the fabric finish (all will be revealed in a couple of weeks) so this is just to tantalise you for now:

And here’s my ‘plastic’ finish, my birthday Lego Landrover Defender. There were some sweary words said when I finished pretty much the entire chassis, engine and differentials only to discover it would come out left hand drive, and I had to unbuild it all and start again in mirror image, but in the end all the gears etc worked (which turns out to be quite tricky even if you’re following the instructions the right way round) and I might have fun playing with it outside for a photo shoot when one is eventually allowed to do such things:

In Progress This Week:

I’ve fabric pulled another secret project, and I’m waiting on 1 missing bit of interlining for the swap projects (turns out I ordered the wrong stuff the first time round, argh!), but nothing otherwise to show I’m afraid.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Second secret project
  • Sewing the parts of the swap items I have all the bits for

Have a great week all!