Okay, so I shall start this week by apologising to everyone waiting for stock to be replenished in the shop at the moment. My order from the suppliers was sent over a month ago, but after taking 2 weeks to leisurely meander across the US, it flew into the UK and has been held hostage by customs ever since. I mean, I say held hostage, but in fact they didn’t even try and contact me until Friday night (with a phone message I could barely hear), so it was more a passive hold until they could be bothered to deal with the fact that they couldn’t read the customs label. Ugh. I’m hoping, after the exchange of a few e-mails, that I’ve now sent them what they need to process it, but I’m not holding my breath on getting it for at least another week.

In other news, I managed to dislocate my wrist a couple of Mondays ago, and while I got it back in again, and the x-ray showed it more or less where it ought to be, it’s giving me a few challenges, so I have a splint to wear which is getting in the way of making a bit right now, both sewing and cooking *sigh*

Finishes This Week:

This month I’m doing a collaboration with 3 other pattern designers over on Instagram, organised by my friend Jude, of Just Jude Designs. You can read about it more on her blog, here, but for this first week we’ve been making our interpretation of the Automatica pattern by Sonia of Fabric And Flowers. You’re free to play along if you like, and this week Sonia has 15% off the pattern in her shop (discount already applied). There are 2 versions of the pattern – I went for the bigger option (made the weekend before I did my wrist in!), but there’s a slightly smaller one that uses charm squares. The great thing is that you basically get 2 blocks out of every cut for the ‘wheel’ part, so I made a pair of cushions using some long hoarded Makower pinstripes, plus some modern backgrounds for the centre/outer:

In Progress This Week:

I’ve been slowly plodding on with my millions of makes pile from the past few posts. I promise that this pile, while it doesn’t look like much, constitutes about 75% of a done thing. I hope to get it to be 100% done in the next couple of weeks:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Getting my millions of makes pile further along to done
  • Not overworking my wrist…

Have a fab week all!