Sorry, it’s been a wee while! I’ve been totally bogged down working on my massive pile of things I’ve been teasing you with for a couple of months now, while also working weekdays and weekends and dealing with horrible back pain and also my gran being taken into hospital and the fall out of what’s likely to come next and I just haven’t really had anything finished to share. But this week I do. I did a lovely art class last Saturday with Jessi Raulet (aka Etta Vee) and just had a bit of fun, so I can share the results of that while pondering other seasonal variations (you know, after I’ve done the other eleventy million things on my To Do list)

How about you, how’s it going? Doing anything exciting? Looking forward to anything coming up IRL or online? On the 26th April I will finally, legally, be allowed to leave my council area – I do so hope there’s nice weather to head for the hills!

Finishes This Week:

This is from my art class, a spring-inspired creation:

I’ve also finished 2 of my pile of things which I’ve sent out, 1 to a swap partner, 1 as a late mother’s day present, and then I’ve managed another 4 after that, but until the 1st one gets to my swap partner I can’t share as it’s a surprise!

In Progress This Week:

I have 6 more things to finish from that pile. Keep on keeping on!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Working through that pile of things
  • Sorting out my baby Glam Clam I was working on at Killearn until I had to stop to do another urgent thing about 2 years ago and then forgot to get back to it, so I’m joining the Glam Clam finish along with designer Latifah Saafir in the hopes of finishing it off!

Have a great week all!