Well, it finally happened, after about 3 months I’ve finally finished 8/12 of those secret things I was working on – phew! The fact that 6 of them were for me was besides the point because there was also 1 that was a gift and the other was in a swap, that my swap partner wouldn’t open until I’d received my parcel from her, so it all had to be secret until the end of last week (when coincidentally I finally put the last stitch in one for me). In other news, the day job has been manic, the car has been protesting (until it got a new front spring, to go with the new battery it got 3 weeks ago), my gran has been released from a lengthy stay in hospital, and I had to have lunch in the park with her and my parents on Sunday (thankfully the sunny streak we’d been having lasted until Sunday night, although I did get sunburned. In April) I’m also trying to get shiny new maintenance classes recorded, which I shall be attempting over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll keep you posted on when they go live.

Finishes This Week:

Operation Save All The Pencils (and pens and sharpies) culminated in this lot from the Ultimate Art Organiser pattern by Sew Sweetness in both sizes, with a little tweak to add a glitter vinyl pocket at the back. The Tula Pink Zuma wave fabric had been long hoarded in each of the 3 colour ways, but I hadn’t picked up many of the other blender fabrics from that line, but I scoured the interwebs and pretty much emptied Lady Sew And Sew’s shop of all their stock. The lining pages use mostly the same prints, but in different orders, so I just photographed the big blue one. The blue and orange ones got fabulous rainbow zips (which I forgot to photograph), alas, the green rainbow zip didn’t match the fabric, so had to settled for white.

In Progress This Week:

Latifah Saafir is doing a Glam Clam Finish Along, so I dug up the long neglected 6″ Clammy version of my Glam Clam, which I’d been doing at Killearn for a while until another more pressing thing intervened and it got set aside for about 3 years! It happened that I was going to be needing Rusty the 222k as a class model for the maintenance class, and as I’d sewn the first part on a Featherweight, decided I’d better finish it on one. Except then I couldn’t remember how I’d done the seam allowance or how to make my hands work together for pinless curves and ended up cutting out a whole other mini one to practice on. As you do.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Reducing day job hours to sensible ones (ie, not doing what I did yesterday, which was 2 days’ worth of hours in 1)
  • Glam Clamming
  • Class recording

Have a great week all!