After weeks of crazy work, and several weekends in front of both a video camera and video editing software, I finally got the chance to sew last weekend, and I managed to finish my Glam Clam top. I’m still waiting on a new stock order for the shop, which has been stuck somewhere in the UK since the 10th (I say somewhere because tracking just says ‘facility’ which is useless) but I really hope it shows up soon, preferably before my first online maintenance class runs at the end of June. If you’re signed up to my newsletter, keep an eye out later this week for information about how to join the class. In other news, I got my first jab this morning, so we’ll see how that affects my weekend quilting efforts.

Finishes This Week:

None yet…

In Progress This Week:

Here’s my Glam Clam top. It’s a baby version of the one I made with the 12″ Clammy ruler a few years ago, using the 6″ Clammy ruler and the offcuts from the original. It’s around 55″ x 60″ and it’s straighter than it looks here, it’s just that I have to perform some slightly acrobatic moves involving a wheely chair, storage unit and a yard stick to get it up on the wall, and there’s a limit to how perfect I can get it! I have a flannel pulled for the backing that I’ve had in my stash for about 8 or 9 years, and I’m hoping to get it basted, along with my Plaidish top at Killearn in a couple of weekends:

I’ve also basted my practice mini Glam Clam piece and hope to get that quilted this weekend before moving onto other projects.

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Quilting the Glam Clam practice piece
  • Returning to the last of the secret squirrel projects from earlier this year

Have a great week all!