It has well and truly felt like the doom and gloom of winter round here, although I’m not sure if all the visitors to COP26 think it’s global warming that’s caused it to rain for the last 2 weeks they’ve been here (and before that) or if they just think it always rains in Scotland, still, I did have to admire the 100,000 people that rocked up in the pouring rain for a march on Saturday (the kids had it marginally better the day before, but it certainly wasn’t tropical!)

Anyway, all the bad weather of late has given me time to get up to date with my Old School Block Of The Month blocks ahead of my block on Friday (check back then for the pattern) and because I only make hugenormous quilts, I’ve chucked in a bunch of other ones. I still need more though, and my stack of Darlings by the Ruby Star Society ladies, along with the Black & White collection from their Cotton + Steel days doesn’t seem to be diminishing, so I shall just keep going… I’ve also been taking a book binding course and after collecting some supplies from the Delivery Office this morning (as my crystal ball didn’t tell me the postie was at my door trying to deliver it – it’s not the normal bloke, he’d have actually knocked) I’m looking forward to having a play with that soon.

This coming weekend I’m away for my mum and dads’ joint 70th birthday party, so not anticipating any making, but we are going on a gin hunt on Saturday…

Finishes This Week:


In Progress:

This is as far as my blocks have got. The top 2 rows are from the Old School BOM and the bottom 2 rows are just other ones I’ve found in my block encyclopaedia, along with a couple from the original Summer Sampler which were done in a completely different way to the actual pattern to allow for fussy cutting. With apologies for crappy winter light:

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Finding the gin
  • Enjoying good food

Have a great week all!