It’s been a busy few weeks, with birthday parties the last 2 weekends, one of which was south of the border, but I’ve found a little time to be creative. I’ve set the sewing machine aside temporarily to have a bit of a play with book binding, and have been working my way through the projects from an online course (don’t get too excited, I’m only up to week 2, and week 1 definitely had a learning curve in unexpected places!) This weekend I’m brunching with the Killearn ladies, followed by a little Black Friday fabric shopping, and then I’ll try out a few more projects.

What about you? Have you tried anything new recently? I love changing it up now and again to keep me from getting bored and also to inspire a little crossover of techniques.

Finishes This Week:

These are the first 2 proper makes (there were a few practice makes on the origami front) The one with the flowery cover is a book with hard covers and an origami spine, where the pages are held in place by paper folds, but can be removed/added to, while the one with the purple cover is actually a hard-covered conjoined series of pockets. I made a real mess learning how to cover those out covers with the book cloth, which are hidden on the back!

In Progress This Week:

I’ve been plotting a few makes, but don’t have anything to show for it at the moment!

To Be Worked On This Week:

  • Building my fabric stash
  • Making a few more paper projects

Hope you have a great week all!