Alternate Sewing Summit Gurus

Do you have a burning question about Sewing Summit?

Like “Where is the closest IHOP to SS?”, “Will anyone like me if I can’t sew my own patchwork tuxedo?” or “How do I get the most fat quarters home with me when there is a luggage limit on planes?”

Well burn no longer questions! The official unofficial Alternative Sewing Summit Advice Panel (otherwise known as the ASS Gurus) are here to help you out. Drop them a line and they will do their best to edu-ma-cate you.

Laura blogs at QuokkaQuilts. She enjoys housework, talking to accountants and making statements so ridiculous no one will ever believe them.

Katy blogs at The Littlest Thistle Craftshop. She enjoys making bears and putting them in compromising positions.

Danny blogs at Mommy For Reals. She enjoys spending time on the toilet doing macrame.

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Questions to be answered so far:

  1. What are the chances that someone you’ve never met in real life and are rooming with only starting sewing so they could attack unsuspecting sewing summit guests in their hotel room? from Rachel @ Imagine Gnats
  2. What if I’m the oldest/youngest/no one likes me? from – Various
  3. Where is the nearest Fro-yo shop? from Laura @ Needles, Pins and Baking Tins
  4. Is the SouthWest ready for you guys? from Various
  5. If I crash sewing summit, how will I sneak in the classes? from Sunni @ LoveAffairWithMyBrother
  6. How will I blog/Facebook/pin/insta/tweet/Flickr about all the fun I’m having at Summit while I’m busy with all the sewing and mingling? from& Lindsay @ Craftbuds