Everyone Should Have A Teddy

Even a baby sloth :oD Check out the little ones at the sloth orphanage in Costa Rica. They’re having so much fun with the simplest of things :o)Thanks to Becky from Dangerbears for posting the link on TT

On A HUGE Designing Roll

So last weekend I got out my entire mohair stash, and spread it all out, and decided on one bear to go with each piece (I will have some leftovers). I now have 5 Wood famil bears, and 11 Thistles in the works *thud*. I’m trying to prepare for The Great Yorkshire...
A very interesting giveaway

A very interesting giveaway

Sandi, of Bearly Sane – Blog Of A Bear Nut is doing a giveaway of a really interesting book on plant dyes. After seeing her post the other day about bears dyed with onion skins, I’m really intrigued to find out more.