Clearly Perfect Angles And Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers



The Clearly Perfect Angles and Slotted Trimmers are the perfect tools to help you sew accurate half square triangles with the minimum amount of work.

The Clearly Perfect Angles uses static to cling to the bed of your sewing machine and using the lines marked on the cling you can sew half square triangles using the following methods without having to draw a single line on your fabric:

  • Single line across the diagonal, useful for flying geese as well
  • 2 at a time with stitching on either side of the diagonal
  • Bonus HSTs from flying geese waste

Because you’re not trying to draw lines, which often add extra to your seam allowance, you get more accurate HSTs, not to mention saving a lot of time and ink.  You can read more about them in my review here:

The Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers work perfectly in conjunction with the Clearly Perfect Angles, and can be used to trim all 4 sides of an HST in one cut, before you trim the dog ears off with the little slots at either end of the seam.  Ideal for use in patterns where the designer requires a larger cut of fabric to allow for trimming after sewing.

Save £2 by buying both items in a bundle, just select Clearly Perfect Bundle from the drop down.

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