Online Featherweight Basic Maintenance Class 02/10/21


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This zoom class with Katy will cover the following topics for both the Singer 221 and 222 sewing machines:

  • History of Singer and the Featherweight
  • Initial overview of Featherweight – things to looks at on a new to you machine, and the tools to use to maintain them
  • Cleaning around the handwheel/belt
  • Cleaning around the gib hook
  • Internal cleaning, lubricating and oiling your machine
  • Reviewing the electrical components
  • Setting up correct tension and stitch formation
  • Cleaning your machine
  • Attachment overview
  • Q&A session

The class will start at 10:00 am BST on 26/06/21, and will run until around 17:00, with a break for lunch.  Note that this class will only be available for people within the UK and European geographic area.

Included in the class ticket is the following:

  • Zoom class
  • Cleaning buds and brushes
  • Empty oil bottle with spout, to help dispense paraffin
  • Maintenance log book
  • Class workbook as a PDF download
  • 10% discount on other purchases from the shop up until 1 month after class – note, not valid on purchase of class tickets

Optional extra purchase 1, screwdrivers and grabbers:

Optional extra purchase 2, tune up kit:

  • 1 x Tune up kit – please state either 221k or 222k as appropriate in the notes section at checkout

Optional extra purchase 3, screwdrivers, grabbers and tune up kit:

You will need the following to take part in the class:

  • 1 featherweight, either 221 or 222, with all parts, including an original bobbin case and empty bobbin
  • Sewing machine oil – you may provide your own, or buy from the link, ensuring you select full bottle * included in tune up kit
  • Motor lubricant at appropriate melting point – buy from the link if you do not already have some * included in tune up kit
  • Bobbin tension meter – you may provide your own, or buy from the link * included in tune up kit
  • Paraffin – available from DIY shops, such as B&Q – note that this is called kerosene in the US.  UK kerosene is different.
  • Small bowl to contain small parts, possibly magnetic
  • 2 spools of thread of the same brand, type and weight in 2 contrasting colours
  • 2 scraps of fabric in colour which threads will stand out on
  • Old towel to work on – note, this will get dirty!
  • Bright torch
  • Cotton bud with hollow plastic stem, bud cut off
  • Paper towels
  • Sharpie

Additional items you may find useful:

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