Sew Retro Grease – Motor & Gear Lubricant For Vintage & Antique Sewing Machines


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Developed by the Singer Featherweight Shop, this Sew Retro Grease is specially formulated to the correct melting point for vintage and antique sewing machine motors, as well a having lubricating qualities for their all-metal gears.

This video demonstrates the melting points of a number of options currently on the market, and demonstrates why the correct formula is vital to keep your vintage and antique sewing machines going now that the original lubricant is no longer available.

Sew Retro Grease comes in a handy syringe, making it easier to insert into the lube ports on the motor.  Each syringe comes with an instruction sheet and port cleaning tools.

Sew Retro Grease is suitable for the motors of most vintage and antique sewing machines, especially the Featherweight black 221 and 221K, as well as the 222K.  It is also suitable for the early models of the white 221K which also had lube ports on the motor.  This tutorial will show you how to lubricate your gears and motor on the Singer Featherweight, for other models, please check your manual.

See safety data sheet here.

Note that oil is required for different parts of your machine alongside the grease, it can be found here.

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