This 5″ x 6 1/2″ log book was designed for you to keep alongside your machine(s) and contains an entry page to note the model, serial number and manufacture date, along with your own details if desired (a bit like being back at school, I felt like I ought to have ‘Katy Cameron, U3Q’ in there!)

Regardless of the number of machines you have, it is handy to keep a reminder of when you serviced each Featherweight, both for your own purposes and for anyone who might inherit your machine(s) further down the line.

The bulk of the pages in the book are dedicated to recording oiling, greasing/lubricating and other maintenance carried out, such as the type of service, replacement of parts and any other notes you may wish to make, such as belt adjustment, bobbin tension calibration or cleaning out fluff from behind your bobbin tension spring.

Should you take your machine to someone else to have work done on it or you attend a maintenance class, you can also add those details in.

This wee book would make the perfect accompaniment to the Servicing Mat which can help you identify any parts adjusted or replaced.