Singer 221 Adjusters Manual


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This is a replica of the manuals which were originally provided to Singer Sewing Machine Technicians, showing you both the inner workings of your machine and instructions on how to service it.

So what’s the difference between this and the Service Manual?  Other than the look and feel (this is in book form, like a larger version of the original manuals, while the Service Manual was originally loose leaf pages used in a file with instructions for servicing all singer machines and which has now been bound) the answer is this: the technical information is similar, however the Adjusters Manual contains more electrical information while the Service Manual has both more and larger diagrams of various parts of the machine.  Both are useful to have in your arsenal of featherweight repair tools, but can be used individually.

The Adjuster’s Manual sections and subsections are as follows:

Diagram of how to pack the top tray in a 221-1 case

Arm Shaft
– How to adjust arm shaft end play

– How to adjust belt tension

Bobbin Winder
– How to adjust the bobbin winder
– How to adjust the bobbin winder tension bracket

– Description and adjustment of the foot controller (or foot pedal)

Electrical Connections
– Inspection of electrical connections
– Wiring diagrams

Feeding Mechanism
– How to adjust the feed dog in throat plate slots
– How to raise and lower feed dog

Hinged Bed Extension
– How to remove and replace hinged bed extension

– How to lubricate machine
– How to lubricate motor

– Circuits on which Series 3 Motor can be operated
– Causes of trouble
– How to remove motor from machine
– How to disassemble motor
– How to reassemble and replace motor

– Singerlight and Singerlight switch connections
– How to fix if the Singerlight fails to light
– How To remove and replace light bulb

Stitching Mechanism
– How to adjust clearance between rotary hook and needle
– How to remove and replace rotary sewing hook
– New rotary sewing hook
– How to remove and replace rotary sewing hook shaft
– New rotary sewing hook shaft
– How to set needle bar at correct height
– How to time rotary sewing hook

Thread Controlling Mechanism
– How to regulate thread take-up spring
– How to adjust tension of thread take-up spring

Throat Plate
– How to remove and replace throat plate

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