Maintenance Screwdriver (Orange Safety)


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This Wera electrically insulated, slotted screwdriver has a specially coated and hardened round steel blade, a long shaft and a multi-component handle with soft inserts and anti-roll protection plus an easy turning cap, making it comfortable to hold and providing excellent torque when trying to shift screws which are more than a little set in their ways (and in old, varnished oil).

Because the shaft of the screwdriver absorbs the torque, it makes it easier for those with weaker grips.wrists to use them, and there is often a satisfying little snap when one of those old screws moves for the first time.

This safety screwdriver is particularly suited for:

  • The motor mount screw – the specially wrapped shaft helps to protect the finish on the machine as you reach back to adjust the height of the motor

The long screwdriver is particularly suited for:

  • The hook assembly shaft screws
  • The spool pin cover plate screw
  • The needle plate screws
  • The bed feet screws
  • Countless other difficult to remove screws on the Singer Featherweight

The small screwdriver is particularly suited for:

  • The gib hook screw
  • The 3 bobbin case screws
  • The motor pulley screw
  • Most other small screws on the Singer Featherweight

Whilst the list above details how useful these screwdrivers are for your Featherweight, many screws are the same on other vintage Singer machines, your challenge might be persuading your significant other that they don’t need to use them for DIY  – you can, of course, use them for your own DIY, you know how to treat them right ;o)

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