Thread Jam Removal Tool – Common


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Is your machine in a jam?  Have you got thread stuck in its unmentionables?  Well this tool should help get you out of your scrape!

All you need to do is:

  1. Remove the needle plate
  2. Pop a towel or bed cover between the face plate and bed extension and fold up the bed
  3. Stand the machine on end so that it is resting on its handwheel
  4. Remove the bobbin case
  5. Insert the Thread Jam Removal Tool over the post in the bobbin case base, ensuring that it is sitting flush to the base
  6. Whilst holding the hand wheel in one hand, turn the tool clockwise until there is no resistance
  7. Check round the bobbin case base and the area behind for any stray wee bits of thread – note that even the tiniest piece can jam things right up!  You may find the Thread-O-Stats perfect for fishing those wee bits out.
  8. Replace the needle plate, ensuring that the positioning finger on the bobbin case base is sitting in the little gap on the underside of the needle plate.

Note that this will not fit US 221s from 1933-34 as they had a different shaped hook assembly.  If you require one of these, please contact me.