Bobbin Case, NEW by The Featherweight Shop – Tested & Guaranteed


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Has your bobbin case wandered off?  Fallen apart?  Generally lost the will to be a bobbin case?  Well thankfully, we have a solution.  After years of suffering through the aftermath of substandard replica bobbin cases, the Featherweight Shop technicians went to work commissioning a replica that was made to the same standards as the original vintage Featherweight bobbin case.  This new bobbin case will work in all 4 models of the Singer Featherweight, the black 221/221k, tan 221J, white 221k and black 222k as well as the Singer 301.  Each case is hand polished and tested by the staff at the Featherweight shop, and each case comes with a bobbin wound with thread and a stitch sample made during testing.  Because of this, they guarantee that each bobbin case will work correctly.

Stamped on each case is the serial number 45751TFS – 45751 indicates that it is a replica of the original 45750, and the TFS stands for The Featherweight Shop.

Please note, this replica bobbin case will fit and work correctly as long as the machine you are using it in has its original, vintage hook assembly parts and you are using a high quality bobbin, such as the ones carried in the shop, or a vintage original bobbin in good order (beware, older bobbins can get a little bent out of shape over the years, check carefully before use in any bobbin case)