LED Bulb, Bright White


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Replacement LED bulb for machines with 220V motors in the following models: Singer 15, 15K, 99, 99K, 201, 201K, 221, 221J, 221K, 222K, 301, 306, 401, 403, 404, 500.

Even if your traditional incandescent bulb is still working, I would highly recommend replacing it with an LED bulb, as the traditional bulbs get extremely hot and you can get a nasty burn from the machine.  The LED bulbs also illuminate at 2400 LUX compared to the 850 LUX of the traditional bulbs, making it easier to see what you’re sewing. Finally, they are designed to last for thousands of hours using minimal electricity, what’s not to love?

This bulb has the advantage of having no flange, which is often present on car headlight bulbs sold for sewing machine use, as these flanges can prevent them from working in your machine, particularly the white 221Ks.

To fit, stand your machine on end on a soft towel or blanket, then push and twist left to remove the old bulb.  To add the new bulb, push and twist right (this can be easier for those with smaller fingers)

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