I’m a cover girl this month!  This was the last month of original editor Katy Jones producing the magazine, 4 year’s worth of publications in which she was nice enough to publish me in all but 4 issues.  She’s been the most flexible editor ever (I mean I don’t think it’s entirely normal to be allowed to just send whatever you fancy making into a magazine, let alone be allowed to do this every single month!) and I shall miss her, but I’m sure she’s heading off to exciting new adventures.

Anyway, this month I kicked off a small series of travel items, starting with a passport/travel document wallet made from cork fabric for the outer section and quilting cotton for the centre section.  I really loved working with the cork, it’s so lovely and flexible, and as a bonus you don’t need to fouter around with turning things through when you sew it together, you can just leave the edges raw: