Woohoo, we’ve done it, we’ve finally reached the end of Q4 for the finish along 2014, I hope that this year you were able to accomplish all that you hoped, and if you have leftover WIPs, fear not, Adrianne will be taking you forward with the 2015 Finish Along.

Finish Along 2014

Here’s a quick reminder for what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you have an individual post/Flickr/IG pic for each project you have completed.  I will not be holding a separate list for anyone that forgets, so it’s a strict, 1 link, 1 entry into the draw!
  2. Make sure that each entry was on your original list at the start of the quarter
  3. In at least one of your posts, please link to your original list to make it easier for me to check back – in previous quarters I have nearly lost my mind cross checking 400+ entries, I’m sorry but I do not have time to do this, so no link to the original list, no entry to the draw.
  4. Don’t forget that a finish is defined as a completely finished project, eg a quilt, quilted and bound, a bag that’s fully lined and functional, or a jumper that one could wear out in public.  I’m happy for you if you get a quilt top completed in one quarter, but hold onto it for the next quarter and see if you can get it quilted and bound before entering please :o)
  5. You have until midnight GMT on 6th January to link up.  
If you’re unsure about linking up, fret not, I have a tutorial here to show you how to link up from a blog or Flickr, and later this week I’ll have one for linking up from IG.

Over the next 5 days, we’ll also have guest tutorials to get you inspired for the new year.

Good luck!