Welcome back to tutorial week, and this time I’m going to take you through linking up from Instagram through your PC/laptop.  Since Flickr has now somewhat gone the way of the dinosaur a lot more of us are using IG to record our progress and finishes, so the nice guys at InLinkz have added the facility to link up from IG and although I did cover this as a bit of an appendix to the last ‘How To Link Up’ tutorial I did in Q3, but I got a special request, so I thought I’d show a couple of options here.

For all options:

Click to add a link to the linky party:


Option 1:

Click on the instagram icon in the bottom left of the screen:

If you’ve never used the tool with IG before, you will need to allow it to access your account:

Once you’ve authorised it, you will then see all your IG photos in the images window:


Option 2:

If you don’t want to allow InLinkz to access your IG account, you can also go the URL route.  Now IG on a PC won’t let you right click to get the IMG URL, but there is another useful tool, Inkstagram, that will allow you to.

You log into Inkstagram with your IG account details, and it will allow you to view both your feed and your own photos.  If you click on ‘You’ you will see your own photos, so you can scroll down to find the relevant photo:

Once you’ve found the photo, click on it to make it bigger:

Now you can right click and ‘Copy IMG URL’, paste it into the box on the link tool as you would for a blog post or Flickr pic, and away you go.

I use Inkstagram to put my IG pics into my blog posts too, it’s very useful that way!

Hope that all made sense, but if you have any questions, let me know.